Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

That's right, folks. 4 days and counting until summer vacation. Lil stayed home from school sick today, though I'm not sure how sick she truly was. Perhaps she needed a 'practice' summer vacation day. She and Jonny got along famously, made sea shell necklaces, made a car out of a box, and made our summer bucket list. I feel much less anxious than I have in recent years because Jonathan is no longer napping and we don't have to schedule every single outting around that. I also won't have to entertain Lilly for 3 hours while he sleeps. No, I'm not complaining about a child who took 3 hour naps. I would never do that. Anyhow, here's to summer. I'd like to think we'll get to sleep in, but that's not going to happen. At least I won't have to pack any more lunch boxes. Here's our bucket list:

Walk the dog together in the morning
No tv until afternoon
Buy a treat from the creepy ice cream truck
Go to an IMAX movie (I have free tickets from our museum membership - score!)
Braves games
Camping - backyard and at Hard Labor Creek State Park after blueberry picking
Blueberry Picking at Hard Labor Creek
Strawberry Picking at Cottle Strawberry Farm (let me know if you know of a better place)
Lake Chatuge
Play in the rain
Treasure Hunt
Create a drive-in movie theatre with cardboard box cars
Visit Rancho Allegre Farm in Dacula
Explore photography with Lilly
Buy a flip camera and let the kids make movies
Movie nights
Catch fireflies
Stargaze - track moon phases and check out summer constellations
Read alouds - The Princess Bride, Harry Potter (yep, we're the last people on Earth)
Make time capsules
Go to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana
Visit Squire Boone Caverns (and most importantly, the Rock Shop)
Write a letter
Paint pet rocks
Take Lilly to a concert
Make homemade henna
Visit Daddy at work
Go to Cochran Mill Nature Center
Calloway Gardens butterfly house
Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts
Roller Skate