Friday, October 29, 2010

The wonder of make believe

Roasting marshmallows by a camp fire. 

Searching the internet with her new laptop.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some things I love

Freshly painted rooms. Our dining room used to be red and the living room was beige. Thanks to my husband's mad-painting skills, both rooms are now painted Blue Gray by Farrow & Ball. Only 2 stores in Atlanta even sell F&B, but you can order it online if you can stomach the shipping costs. It contains no plastics, zero VOCs, is a clay-based paint and the formula has been the same since 1946. It's pricey, at over $80 a gallon, but in my opinion is worth every penny. The Blue Gray color is warm and has much more depth to it than the picture shows. It almost has a slight green undertone and goes REALLY well with our cream trim & olive green built-ins.

I love that Lil still loves to fall asleep in her Granddad's lap, even though she's nearly as tall as he is.

I love my new bangs!

 I love Autumn and this little boy with his bright red hair.

I love my little girl's toothless grin, even though it reminds me she's not so little anymore.

St. George Island

St. George Island has to be one of the most stunning, peaceful places on Earth. We went for the first time in April 2008 and have been St. George Island-dreaming ever since. I'm not even that much of a beach person, but St. George is different. No touristy crap, very few people, just dolphins, crabs, and sea gulls. We went back a few weeks ago during Lil's fall break, which also happened to fall the week of our 11th anniversary. The rates are super-low this time of year and even lower since the oil spill. They actually gave us $150 in gift cards to use on the island, courtesy of PB. We saw so many dolphins this time, just 20 feet from the shore. The house we rented was comfortable, cozy, dog-friendly and had a 65 foot deck overlooking the ocean. Each morning, we watched the sun rise while eating breakfast and sipping coffee. I've never been so grateful to have early-rising children.