Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BE GONE, enormous return vent!

This return vent has bugged us since the day we bought this house.
 It was enormous, hideous, and hurt like hell when you stepped on it.
When we had the new ductwork installed, the HVAC guys installed a new, 
MUCH smaller return vent.
But we still had to step around this monster for a few weeks.
Until yesterday, when the flooring guys finally patched the floor!!!!
We replaced the old pine floors in our bedroom with white oak,
so they were able to re-use that wood to patch the hallway.
Eventually the hallway will get sanded too.
 Yesterday, they sanded the floors in the kitchen, den, master bedroom and bathroom,
then stained them and put the first coat of polyurethane down.
Last week, the custom shower pan was made.
Then, the shower tile went in. Here's a sneak peak. 
I'll show you the shower floor, which is marble hexagon, when I can get a good picture of it.
The grout I choose is Platinum and I couldn't be happier with it.
Not too dark, not too light. All the years I've spent on GardenWeb and Pinterest have come in handy.
 We're still handling living through the renovation pretty well, I think.
 Except when we're not :-)