Monday, February 9, 2009

Wannabe crafty

I spend a LOT of time on admiring the lovely, handmade goods artists sell there. For Christmas, I bought Lillian a Rainy Day Art Kit from an artist in Alabama. I just found a Waldorf-inspired, felt tree for the nature table at Lillian's preschool. I've always appreciated miniatures and dollhouse furniture, but have lately found myself searching for gnomes and fairies. Maybe it's the dreariness that January brings to Atlanta, but I find the thought of being a creature small enough to hide in the nook of a tree trunk very appealing. Since I'm too conspicuous for such a life and have far too many responsibilities, I need to find something to do indoors that doesn't involve cleaning products, food, or the television. I wanna be crafty!

I checked a book out of the library for inspiration entitled Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects by Salley Mavor. The author describes her childhood as being filled with art, music, and dance. "In our household it was clear that making art was more important than housework." There it is! Where are my priorities? So, I ordered a Little Felt People Kit and a Knitting Pouch Pals Kit from Both kits are for children ages 7 and up, which is about my skill level. I hope this inspiration carries me through February. It may take me that long to complete, which is fine with me. The dishes can wait.

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