Friday, February 20, 2009

My, what a little paint can do!

Our kitchen is still tiny, but painting the walls and cabinets has completely transformed the space. As you can see in the before picture, the walls had been long-neglected and looked suspiciously like dingy primer. They're now a lovely, bright, cheerful shade of yellow. The cabinets had previously been painted with garage floor paint and were filthy and roughly textured. Alan and his dad sanded the cabinets, primed them a couple of times, and painted them with three coats of creamy white paint. It was the first time Alan didn't complain about the small size of our kitchen and lack of cabinets.

It took us a few months to finally frame a few photographs and accessorize, but we're finally in the home stretch. My parents are going to buy me a magnetic spice rack for my birthday and I'd like to hang a chalk board for the kids below the photograph of the tomatoes. Next project: the laundry room. 


  1. I forgot that the kitchen ever looked like the before pics! And I have those magnetic spice containers on my fridge. They're really useful and a great space saver. Very exciting indeed!

  2. Wow!! It looks SO different. I LOVE white cabinets. Very nice...I bet you love it!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm going to buy some magnetic primer & paint a patch (3 coats) next to our oven, so they'll just stick directly to the wall. Sara, I took inspiration from your happy wall and placed a cork board right next to the tomatoes photograph :-)