Friday, October 7, 2011

honorary Indian

I have two words for you people:
Chaat Masala.

How have I lived 36 years on this planet,
had 3 Indian friends - I'm so worldly, I know,
(One happens to be a midwestern girl whose hubby is Indian, but still)
and somehow missed out on the wonder that is Chaat Masala?
SOMEBODY has been holding out on me!

I have Garam Masala in my cupboard,
mango powder,
black mustard seeds,
but nobody told me about chaat masala!?

A couple of weeks ago Manashi's mom made this unbelievably tasty cucumber dish for us
and I dreamt about it for days.
 I called Manashi in NYC and she walked me through the Indian grocery store here in Georgia
where I bought my very own box.
It cost $1.

Sprinkle it on cucumbers with a little lemon juice and salt.
You can thank the Mukherjee family later.

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