Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stocking stuffer idea

What can I say? The boy loves tape. He went through a 3-pack of scotch tape in one weekend. 
I let him because he was quiet and wasn't breaking anything.
 Then I ordered him his very own set of 11 colored masking tape rolls. I could only find 8 of his rolls for this picture. He has one roll in each pocket and another in his hand at all times.
He has a particular fondness for taping the floor, doorknobs and chairs.
His sister made a kite and he made a ring and a handle for his water bottle.
Here's a frugal holiday gift idea:
A large empty box (which every parent knows is usually played with more than the toy inside),
with a few rolls of colorful tape,
and maybe a large lollipop for good measure.
What more could a kid want?

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