Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last week was fall break and we went camping in Cherokee, North Carolina.
We went to the Cherokee Village where they demonstrated how native americans made tools, baskets, pottery, etc.  We even danced with the Cherokee (that's Lil behind the leader).

We saw Mingo Falls.

We weren't exactly roughing it. The KOA where we stayed had an indoor and an outdoor pool, hot tubs, stocked trout ponds, a bouncy house, playground, food stand, and a store. Alan perfected the art of balancing on a fence :-)

It was pretty great until Friday night when hundreds of families arrived. People are annoying. Annoying and stinky. Suddenly the bathrooms, which had been relatively clean all week, were filthy and smelled like cigarette smoke. There were millions and billions and trillions of kids. We hightailed it out of there Saturday morning.

Peace out!

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