Sunday, October 7, 2012

to be childlike

Mud Party!

This week, I was helping my four-year-old son into his pajamas, when he said, "Look mom, an owl!"
Sitting on a branch just outside our window was a big, beautiful Barred Owl. We called Lilly and Alan into the room and watched with wonder for a minute or two. We even called the neighbors so their toddler could see. At one point, the owl turned its head 90 degrees and looked right at us. It was magical. Jonny was so proud that he was the one who spotted the owl and he told everyone about it. I talked to him about all the things we miss because we don't pay attention and how it felt like God had sent that owl JUST for us :-) He said, "Pwobly God willy DID send that owl to our house. He pwobly wote, 'To Jonathan's house,' on its wing!"

Today in Sunday School we talked about what it means to be childlike. A friend told a story about a recent trip to the grocery store with her three-year-old. On their way back to the car, her daughter noticed a homeless man, disheveled and shoeless, standing in front of the store. She pointed and yelled, "Mommy, that man is Poooooooooor!" Her mom tried to divert her attention and asked her to lower her voice. Instead, she cried out, "But Mommy, he's REALLY Pooooor!! He's not wearing any SHOOOOOOES!" At this point, the man and my friend made eye contact and he asked if she had any food she would share with him. She asked if he liked yogurt and her daughter carefully picked out her favorite yogurt tube flavors to share with the hungry man. He was grateful, but expressed concern that he was taking food from the sweet girl. 

I have so much more to say, but the weather is incredible here today and my kids and I are headed to the park. Here's to being more childlike.

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