Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pit Stop

Alan was standing in front of our house on Saturday when a man in a three-piece suit walked across the street and made a pit stop in our port-a-john. As he left, he smiled and tipped his hat.

He's not the only one. A neighbor watched a bus stop out front and the driver hop off and use it. 
Maybe we should put some reading material in there to make people feel more at home.

The kids are having a blast in the back yard. They'd be perfectly happy if we just left the trenches, holes, and piles of dirt out there and forgot about landscaping altogether.

The foundation guys are making a lot of progress and we should get the o.k. from the city to pour the cement in the next day or two.

The picture above gives you some perspective. The large part of the addition on the right will be the expanded kitchen and new den. The smaller part in the middle will be the new bathroom off of our bedroom. I guess I could have saved thousands of dollars and just ordered a port-a-john instead of building a second bathroom. Apparently they're all the rage.


  1. Margie - you are so funny! I'll totally try out your port-a-john. It sounds like it's a sweet ride.

  2. It's the nicest one in the neighborhood!

  3. Ha ha ha!!! Yes, a little air freshner, reading material and some sort of pop-on light sure would make it homey! :) And throw in a welcome mat for good measure! I love the picture that shows where the foundation will go...really gives perspective on how much more space you're going to have!!! Yay!

  4. You're so funny, Jen. I should buy one of those battery operated push-lights that people put in their closets. I really do want to do these things, but I'm a little afraid to go in there.