Friday, January 11, 2013

the foundation

It's funny to me how little most of us know about construction.
I figured they'd have to take down our privacy fence in order to get the proper machines into the back yard to build the foundation.
Oh, a hose! That makes sense. 
 Watching the kids put their hands in the cement made me feel sentimental. 
Our house was built 90 years ago by the Dukes family.
They had a radio and a piano. 4 boys shared a room. This was just the way things were.
The house must have seemed bigger without a fridge, dishwasher, tv, stereo, computer, washer & dryer. They had 5 children, some born in this very house. 
They lived here for 47 years. 
 One day the cinder blocks were delivered to our front yard.
I went to a friend's house to do laundry and when I got back they were all in the back yard.
 The next day the foundation was almost complete.
It's like magic. 

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