Friday, February 8, 2013

Doors and windows, windows and doors

We moved our front door so our parlor will be a more usable space.
Do you see the two windows to the left of the door?
Ta DA! The old door will soon be gone and there will just be a wall of siding there in its place.
We (I) agonized over choosing a door. I didn't want to lose the view from our dining room looking out onto the porch. I like to keep tabs on the neighbors' comings and goings. 
That sounds a little creepy, but whatever. 
Even with sidelites, it would drive me crazy to not be able to see through the new door.
SO, I choose this door
Yep, that's a LOT of glass. I had buyer's remorse for a minute (doors are expensive),
but I figure you can always hang up a curtain for privacy.
I probably would have made a different choice if our front door looked into a private area of the house, but it's just a dining room and kitchen. We're usually dressed in there.
Anyway, we relocated the dining room windows to the new bathroom,
and reused our bedroom windows in the new den.
Our new outswing patio doors have been installed (view from the future kitchen)
We only had to order 3 new windows for the entire addition. 

Now, what color should we stain the mahogany door and sidelites? I'm thinking dark.
Or maybe I should paint the sidelites cream like the trim and just stain the door?
So many decisions to make!

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