Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's hot up in here!

 Our furnace has gone to scrap metal heaven. It was only 17 years old,
but the ductwork was MUCH older than that.
It was warmer in the crawl space than in the house.
We now have a 90% efficient furnace,
all new ductwork,
and 4 new return vents!
The REALLY great thing is that we only paid for an 80% efficient furnace,
but got a free upgrade when they discovered the 90% efficient one 
was going to be easier to install due to our setup!
This old house has never been so warm, or so quiet. You can't even hear the furnace when it's running.
It feels like a newly built home and we haven't even re-insulated yet.
We also got a new air conditioner.
August in Georgia?
Bring it on.