Thursday, February 28, 2013

Siding and drywall and dust, oh my!

When we left town, the red door was still there.
When we came back, it was gone.
 They also put up siding the day we left.
 They hung drywall while we were gone.
 Drywall is messy. People warned me, but I had no idea.
 Then they sanded. Oy vey!
Remember the monster return vent that took up the entire hallway?
It's going to be SO small now. The floors are being patched today and tomorrow.
 New floors are going in as well.
Remember our tiny, dark kitchen?

Remember the wall we were going to take down
and the laundry room/porch that was going to be demo'd?
TA DA!!!
Here's another shot of the future kitchen and den from the dining room.